1st International Congress of Coaching Psychology

Pauline Willis will be delivering a Masterclass on the subject of
“Driving organisational success with Team Coaching”

With the challenges now facing organisations Team Coaching is becoming increasingly popular as a mechanism for supporting organisational success. By focusing on the overarching needs of the Team, Team Coaches work with the team as a whole as well as with individual team members to ensure that the Team is successful in delivering the impact organisations need to survive and flourish.

This Masterclass is designed for coaching psychologists and coaches who are interested in underpinning their Team Coaching practice in well established psychological theory. We will reference cutting edge research in Team Leadership as well as outlining methodologies sourced from a wide range of disciplines within the wider field of psychology to support you in taking an integrated approach to the delivery of Team Coaching services. Using case examples, we will also show you how these approaches to Team Coaching are being implemented to drive successful Teams in a wide range of industries and Sectors.

Further details on the conference can be found on the BPS website