Pauline Willis MAPS FCOP CPsychol CSci

Integrative, systemic solutions for individuals, teams and organizations form the foundation for Pauline’s work in consultancy, coaching and supervision and she believes that elegant organization design is essential to effective collaboration and teamwork, which in turn is critical for creating psychologically healthy high performing workplaces. Pauline offers thought leadership in business practice underpinned by psychology which she delivers across a range of industries and sectors internationally through her consultancy and executive coaching. She has served as an industry advisor to Oxford Brookes University Business School, a Past Chair of the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology and as a founding Director of the EMCC & The Coaching & Mentoring Network. Innovation & excellence in the application of psychology in the workplace is recognized within the Australian Workplace Excellence Awards for which Pauline has been a Judge since 2017. Pauline loves growing edible plants and fungi as well as cooking and blending her own herbal teas. Country, coastal & riverside walks keep her grounded and she is also a fan of Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Organisational Psychologists
PsyBA registered psychologist & supervisor with Organisational endorsement.
Chartered Scientist (British Science Council)
Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)

Integrated Team Solutions

Our core philosophy is that the most powerful and successful ways to create business success are based on a systemic approach. Your teams are the core functional units of your organisation. So, working at the level of the team enables us to support your success by leveraging change that impacts on the team as a whole as well as individuals within the team.  By focusing change at the level of the team we will support you with implementing  an organisation wide team based approach to organisational transformation. Just one key key team can be the catalyst for a process of change that will transform your business.

Integrated organisational solutions focused on your business needs bring together expertise in organisational development, assessment & evaluation along with leadership, executive, team and peer coaching in ways that enable you to meet team challenges as well unleashing the full potential of your high performers.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership coaching services are focused on the needs of senior office holders such as Directors,  CEO’s and Team Leaders. The services are focused on the individual within the organisational context and delivered on a one-to-one basis in accordance with core development needs and preferences. Executive and Leadership coaching is delivered as a stand alone services or integrated within a team solution.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a powerful intervention where the coaching process is focused at the level of the team rather than the level of the individual team members. Team coaching is often integrated with individual or leadership coaching to address development needs in way that is strategic, powerful and focused on key points of transformation potential.

Our team coaches and coaching psychologists will deliver a tailored solution over the course of 6 to 8 sessions to embed coaching culture within your organisation. They will also support teams at critical times such as when key decisions need to be made or where the team is ready to focus on critical change.  Call us today for an obligation free discussion of your team coaching needs and to receive a ‘quick quote’ by email.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our consultants, coaches and psychologists are qualified and where appropriate hold registrations with appropriate professional bodies and government regulators. This means that we are able to implement a range of individual and organisational assessments which focus on core processes such as team formation, communication, co-operation or decision making. We can also conduct psychological assessments at the individual level focused on revealing key strengths and preferences which inform the focus and delivery style of our coaching services.

We also design bespoke solutions where this is indicated.


Robust assessment and development tools are vital to ensure an effective outcome for your business. We are able to select the best tools for you from a wide range of major branded psychometrics, ability assessments and team diagnostics. Being able to access a range of tools, enables us to ensure the best integrated assessment and development solutions for your business needs and organisational culture.

Services we provide you are enhanced by expert application of powerful assessment and development tools including Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS), Myer Briggs Type Indicator,16 Personality Factor (16PF), Occupational Personality Questionnaire, NEO PiR, WAVE, Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment and the ABLE Series of ability assessments (e.g. Critical Business Planning).

We also offer in-company training and supervision options for the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS).