Dublin Conference: -Workplace Coaching: Empowering and Engaging Employees through a Difficult Climate

Pauline Willis will be talking on the subject of
“Creating high performance teams and organisational success through team coaching”

With the recent economic downturn and the ‘credit crunch’ it is increasingly difficult for organisations to identify and implement solutions they can be confident will deliver both the short and long term results that are essential for both organisational survival and success as the world economy recovers. Clients are now looking for solutions that are grounded in research and have demonstrable organisational value through evidence based practice and robust evaluation. Whilst individual coaching can be simplified to a set of processes that can be taught to and implemented by almost anyone in an organisation, this is not the case with team coaching which requires greater understanding and appreciation of the organisational context and an understanding of how individuals and groups behave and develop. There are many ways to approach team coaching and to use the full extent of our expertise as organisational psychologists, so whilst the economic downturn has presented some challenges both for our clients and for us as service providers, Team Coaching is a way of offering a cost effective, integrated solutions for the needs of many organisations in the current economic climate. With processes like the employer branding and candidate experience the companies can only hire the best ones for their workforce.

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