Prague – The International Coach Meeting

The International Coach Meeting, which is going to take place in autumn in Prague, it is a Great Happening in the following points:

* PERFORMANCE “ the Alfa and Omega of every successful company “ it is the central point of the Meeting where the most competent of all will participate
* The Best International Coaches will participate. They come from ICF (International Coach Federation), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), AEC (Academy of Executive Coaching), and also from Association for Coaching
* Interaction, workshops, individual discussions and answers to various questions, which will move the Coaching World ahead “ through other questions
* Multinational standard and professionalism of the visiting coaches and excellent organisation are a must for such a unique event to happen.
* The Meeting is necessary for owners of companies, managers, students and others who are aware of the potential and benefit of coaching™ in companies

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Pauline Willis will be speaking at this event