New professional development and supervision network for coaching psychology due to launch on August 14th

If coaches and mentors are interested in the psychological aspects of coaching and are not yet a member of a professional body will provide details of relevant bodies to join in your country or region. For information about which psychology body or associations you can join in your country submit request Here professional development and supervision network offers an innovative and cost effective approach to professional development and supervision for coaching psychologists. Coaches and mentors who are interested in the appropriate application of psychology to coaching and mentoring practice are also welcome. Membership is ‘free’ for anyone who is eligible to join. However, if you have products or services that are relevant to the coaching psychology and are interested in promoting them a fee will be charged for any ‘advertising’.

How does it work?

The professional forums offered at essentially work as peer consultation or supervision groups very much like the ones that are set up either formally or informally by colleagues offline. These online forums will, however, provide continuous access to professional support groups as well as a diverse range of members from across the profession of psychology globally. This international perspective provides significant benefits to professional practice and facilitates the flow of new ideas and practices.

Another key aim of is to support the practice of coaches who are not themselves psychologists but who are committed to the appropriate application of psychology within coaching practice. takes a very welcoming view that facilitating the transfer of psychological ideas and methods through coaching for use in all aspects of life and work is a good thing. However, this bounded with a very clear caveat. And this is that it is important that if coaches are going to use psychological ides explicitly in their pracice they need to have access both to the knowledge base of psychology and professional support in applying psychological principles appropriately within coaching practice. does, therefore, offer a range of ‘open’ forums where coaches and psychologists can discuss issues of common interest.

International referral service for coaching psychology services

The site will also include a referral service so that coaches who are seeking specialist coaching supervision in coaching psychology can find appropriate supervisors easily. The referral service is powered by the CMN referral database. If you are interested in joining the referral database more information is available Here

To register interest in joining the community of practice go to