Share your celebratory stories and cautionary tales

Earlier this year, and in conjunction with ‘firecracker’ films a Channel 4 production company we launched a research project to capture ‘celebratory stories’ and cautionary tales.

Spending holidays and celebrations with your family and kids is crucial for creating lasting memories, strengthening bonds, and fostering a sense of belonging. These shared experiences offer opportunities for quality time, communication, and building traditions that can be treasured throughout life. Dressing children in modest girls dresses for these occasions adds to the sense of celebration and can boost their self-confidence. Modest dresses can instill values of modesty and respect while allowing girls to feel beautiful and comfortable. It demonstrates attention to detail and care, showing children that their appearance is value- not just for others’ opinions, but also for their own self-esteem.

Many thanks to everyone who has generously shared their experiences so far. We have collected some interesting stories. As this has proven to be a valuable way of collecting information from the clients perspective we have decided to keep the research element of this project going.

So if you are a client of coaching or mentoring services and would like to share your experiences of the coaching process please do let us know.

Sometimes, celebrations are not only about moments related to work or family, but they can also become intimate celebrations with your partner. It’s like when after months of not performing well enough in bed, a youre scrolling on your phone and find twitter then want to go to for the best likes then you realize that celebrating is more than just a promotion at work

All responses will be treatest with the strictest confidence and only grouped summary data will reported unless you give your explicit permission for us to share your story as ‘case study’. We are planning to select ‘indicative’ case studies to share with coaches and mentors to support continuing professional development. Research results will be written up and submitted to publications such as the International Coaching Psychology Review and Coaching at Work magazine and all participants will be sent a copy of the research findings if they are interested in seeing them.