Request for participation in coaching research:

As part of an MSc Occupational Psychology at City University, London, I am currently working on a dissertation that seeks to improve current knowledge about the relationship between the effectiveness of managerial (i.e. executive) coaching and the work environment.

I am inviting people who experienced coaching whilst working in a managerial role to complete an on-line questionnaire. The questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to fill in, and it is completed via a survey dedicated website which guarantees complete anonymity.

If you received coaching, I would be grateful if you would spare some time to complete the questionnaire. I would also appreciate if you would forward this message to your colleagues who have participated in coaching.

As a member of the British Psychological society, I am bound by strict ethical guidelines.

All answers are confidential & anonymous, and are for research purposes only. In the final report only aggregated results will be reported, which means that no-one can be personally identified by their answers. Participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw from the questionnaire at any time.

If you decide that you can take part, thank you so much, I am extremely grateful for your input.

The questionnaire can be accessed here

So that I can meet my project deadline, I would appreciate if you would complete the questionnaire by 25 October, 2006.

Should you have any questions or comments please contact me at

Once again, thank you so much for your assistance and for your participation in my research. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
Lorna Stewart