EMCC Standards Project Update

The next reporting date for the EMCC Coaching & Mentoring Standards Project is June 15th at the 3rd Annual Standards Workshop to be held in Oxford. The EMCC will now be collecting data in preparation for this next important industry wide event until May 31st, so if you have not yet taken part in this consultatative research process you now have another opportunity to do.

Existing project participants also now have the opportunity to review and modify previous responses, or to be upgraded to the next level of involvement.

To give you an idea of what is involved, there are 200 ‘core’ standards and these relate to competencies that are ‘core’ to all types of coaching and mentoring practice. Everyone who participates in the project is given a username and password that allows them to go online and rate these standards via an online ‘questionnaire’.

For those who are interested in going to the next level, this would involve rating an additional 200 statements relative to your area of practice. These additional statements and indicators cover specialised areas that touch upon a range of professional domains, these include leadership development, systems thinking, psychological models and artistic and creative skills.

If you would like to take part in this consultative research project contact pauline.willis@lauriate.com