Invitation to share your Celebratory Stories and Cautionary Tales about life or business coaching

Firecracker productions are professional filmmakers who are making a documentary for Channel 4 and are eager to hear both celebratory stories and cautionary tales from people who have worked with either a life or business coach.

The filmmakers are seeking to create a documentary that will inform both coaches and their prospective clients about what to expect in terms of responsible professional coaching practice.

A questionnaire has been developed to capture both celebratory stories and cautionary tales about coaching from the client perspective which should achieve the aim of supporting the filmmakers in finding people who are willing to take part in the documentary, as well as collecting valid and reliable research data about the issues being explored. We are hoping that a broad range people who have both positive and negative experiences of coaching will participate.

If you have purchased coaching services and would like to be interviewed as part of the documentary your details will be passed on to the film producers who will make decisions about which stories to feature. If, however, you want to participate in this survey for the purposes of providing research information only, then all of the details provided will be treated with strictest confidence.

The questionnaire is in 4 parts which cover:-

  • Information about your coach and coaching programme
  • Impact of the coaching on your life or business along with ‘the full story’ in your own words
  • Additional background information that will support analysis and reporting
  • Participant contact details

If you are interested in sharing your Celebratory Story or Cautionary Tale for the purpose of taking part in the filming, you should complete the questionnaire by January 31st at the very latest.

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