Mission to Mars: Team success with Coaching & Psychology

In November 2011 six astronauts emerged from a life-sized spaceship after completing a remarkable 520 day simulated flight to Mars (although they never actually left the Moscow car park where the ‘spaceship’ sat). Lessons from this trip have added to the decades of research which led up to this history-making journey. We have been inspired by this to put together an approach to working with teams that embraces scientific and pragmatic approaches to team success. We are advocating strategic use of psychological tools and services to enhance the success and wellbeing of teams in all areas of life and business.

This practical and engaging session is designed to suit the relaxed and collegiate atmosphere of Psychologists in the Pub event. Topical, interesting real case information about the Mars500 mission is offered alongside the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ in interpreting profiles of a more down-to-earth team. Join us to explore an exciting team case study based on an accessible coaching challenge. Whether you work in a team or with teams, this event has something to engage you, irrespective of your primary areas of professional interest as a psychologist.

Pauline Willis & Rob Bailey are co-authors of a chapter on using the 16PF in Coaching in Psychometrics in Coaching: Using psychological and psychometric tools for team development.

Pauline Willis is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Director of Lauriate Ltd.
Rob Bailey is Principal Consultant, Research and Development at OPP Ltd.

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This event is hosted by the West Midlands Branch of the British Psychological Society. With 4000 members this regional branch plays a key role in ‘Taking Psychology to Society’. http://wmb.bps.org.uk/