Fast Track Certification for the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS)

Pauline Willis, Lauriate Ltd will be presenting this workshop.

The Workshop

This workshop is designed to ‘fast track’ TDS certification for qualified psychologists and experienced organisational consultants from a range of related fields.
The focus of the certification is to enable seasoned practitioners to build Team Diagnostic Survey into their coaching or consulting practice. A CPD certificate to confirm participation will be awarded to all participants at the end of the session.
The format of this workshop is intensive, involving pre-reading to cover theory as well as case presentations using the new questionnaire and associated reporting formats in small group work. For those interested in verification of their mastery in using the TDS, a post workshop collegiate process of support and supervision will also be available as an extension of this workshop.

Key learning goals

  • Understanding the theoretical underpinnings of the 6 conditions for team effectiveness as defined by J.Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman.
  • Understanding how the TDS is used in organisations to create successful, high impact team coaching and organisational development programmes.
  • Understanding how to evaluate the impact of executive and leadership team coaching and development programmes using TDS.
  • Understanding how to integrate TDS into your practice in coaching, consulting or both.
  • Demonstrating learning through a supervised post workshop project.

NB: This  special version of the new TDS certification process is restricted to delegates of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference. To register, you must first complete your conference registration at

If you are interested in receiving information about other TDS certification options please contact us.



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