UK Team Sociomapping® Provider network continues to grow in response to increasing interest in Team Coaching solutions

With the UK still firmly in the grip of economic recession, HR buyers are looking at ways to ensure that every penny spent on coaching programmes delivers tangible return on investment. Team Sociomapping® offers a process for measuring the impact of executive and team coaching as well as providing organisations with a way of measuring impact on team performance. Major projects are currently underway in the UK within local and central government as well as in the private sector.

Team Sociomapping® is an innovative suite of tools based on a unique methodology for visualising complex systems and is ideally suited to the coaching environment as a means of stimulating and supporting coaching dialogue as well as evaluating coaching impact on team dynamics. This toolkit has been packaged for use in the coaching and organisational development sectors to support a range of Team Development needs and it is now possible for appropriately qualified & experienced coaches to use this powerful toolkit to support Team Coaching.

Members of the UK Team Sociomapping® Provider Network now includes, Leading Edge Coaching, The Academy Of Executive Coaching, Zeal Solutions, The Professional Development foundation (PDF), Stephenson Consulting, CFM Consulting, Intuition Discovery and Development & Prosperity in Business.

Richard Clarke from the Academy of Executive Coaching said:-

“We initially used the Sociomapping system internally and found it to be a revolutionary and unique toolkit ideally suited to support dialogue in team coaching conversations.” “The AoEC has now become a UK Sociomapping Provider so from January 2010 we will be supplying Team Sociomapping analysis to our clients as part of an integrated Team Coaching service”

Lauriate Ltd is the UK distributor for Team Sociomapping®. For more information go to or contact +44 (0) 1865 784388