2010 BPS DOP Conference

Lauriate will have an exhibition stand focusing on Team Sociomapping and TPA.

On Thursday 14th January there will be a workshop on TPA.
Advanced analysis of team profiles using Team Profile Analyzer (TPA)
P Willis, Lauriate Ltd, T Srb, QED Group a.s., R Kurz, Saville Consulting UK Ltd

On Thursday 14th January there will be a development paper on using Sociomapping in the Mars flight simulation.
Development paper
Using Sociomapping of crew communication and cooperation as a tool for team performance management in the ground based experiment simulating manned flight to Mars
T Srb, QED Group a.s.

Further information can be found on the BPS website www.bps.org.uk/dop2010/dop2010_home.cfm

Further information on Team Sociomapping and TPA can be found on our website at www.sociomap.co.uk