European Mentoring and Coaching Council formed to promote standards of good practice

The European Mentoring Centre, the primary body representing mentoring in employment since 1992, is to become the The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) with a wider remit and a much-expanded range of activities. The move comes in the wake of extended discussion within the coaching and mentoring community about the establishment and recognition of good practice.

The EMCC is a unifying and inclusive body covering a broad spectrum and so invitations to join the new Council have been issued to existing organisations from the voluntary and community, professional training and development, counselling at work, life coaching and academic psychology sectors. Several such groups have already been established to ensure wide representation namely: academics, trainers of coaches and mentors, in house practitioners, practising coaches and mentors, executive coaches and continental European coaches.

The vision and primary aims of the EMCC include the development of credible methods for assessing the capability of providers in this increasingly crowded field. A standing Special Interest Group working party is reviewing standards, ethics and codes of conduct, with a view to bringing some clarity to a very confused picture.