Future of Coach-mentoring ‘Janus’ Pendant

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Janus lock pendant featured on the cover of the Spring 2015 issue of eOrganisations & People journal published by the association of management education and development and edited by Pauline Willis. In the quest to identify an appropriate cover image we searched for a real local artefact featuring the roman God Janus, symbolic of transitions as well as all kinds of endings and new beginnings.

The Janus lock held at the Ashmolean Museum was perfect. However, the only photo available was not of sufficiently high resolution or an appropriate angle for us to use. So, we were delighted to find this pendant crafted from a mould of the original artefact that could be purchased and a stunning cover photo sourced for the journal. This pendant can now be purchased as an unusual corporate or personal gift and conversation piece for anyone navigating key transitions at work or in life.

Each pendant comes with a matching 18″ chain  and a presentation box.

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The jeweller who made this accurate reproduction is Mike Shorer, a seventh generation Goldsmith who has worked on jewellery and silverware for various Royal Families, Rock and Rollers, Film, TV and Sports Stars as well as designing trophies and awards for major sports events and TV and Film Awards. Mike uses a greater variation of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques than any other single goldsmith in the UK and can access any type of gemstone required for private commissions. Mike creates bespoke pieces and specialises in accurate copies of museum pieces made from moulds of the original artefact. The process was developed by his father, a renowned conservator and archaeologist at the British Museum.

The Janus pendant is contact moulded from the original artefact reproducing the style, form and surface texture of the original, which conveys the perceived beauty or attraction that the perceptive customer appreciates. It provides its own value of historic manufacture, and in some cases, signs of wear of a previous period of its history. These items attract enquiring comments when worn, or displayed. They can be purchased and then compared to the original, which is kept in a glass case at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and found to be of equal appearance, but the one in the glass case cannot be held in your hand or worn.

The original artefact is dated from the 6th – 7th century AD. This unusual decorative padlock from Bishop’s Court, Dorchester – on – Thames, Oxfordshire, depicts the two – faced Roman God Janus looking both forward  and backwards to highlight the connections between past, present and future as one. The padlock form is duplicated to produce this obverse/reverse pendant.