Practice innovations in leadership, psychology and coaching driven by the availability of Sociomapping in organisations.

The availability of Sociomapping tools based on the methodology developed by Dr Radvan Bahbouh to reveal hidden patterns in communication, cooperation and decision making is driving a revolution in organisational consultancy and coaching practice globally. Coaches and consultants from regions such as the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States of America and Australasia are using Sociomapping tools in innovative new ways. Whilst informed by research, practice developments are driven by organisational need which is constantly evolving.

This session is dynamic and interactive, offering practitioners the opportunity to engage in dialogue about the application of Sociomapping tools in organisations. For those who are experienced with the tools, this is an opportunity to share leading edge practice innovations and experiences that might not yet be ready to present as a formal conference paper.  Practitioners who have not yet applied Sociomapping in their work will gain understanding, insight and inspiration for their future practice

The session will involve a short introduction to highlight practice innovation evolving in the UK and Australia.  Delegates will then be invited to engage in open dialogue from which key themes will be captured.  Real Time Sociomapping will be used live to support the session and the outputs will be available to delegates electronically.