Applying assessment tools effectively to maximise individual and coaching success

Whilst there is divided opinion within the coaching sector about whether psychometric or psychological assessment should become a standard element of the coaching process, what is increasingly clear is that it is important for coaches working at the Mastery level of coaching practice to have a clear understanding of what assessment methods are available to coaches and when it is appropriate to apply these approaches ethically and appropriately in organisations. The key issue is being able to support clients in making decisions about when and how assessment can be integrated into the coaching process to ensure maximum client benefit.

This session will cover both individual and team assessment providing an overview of the different assessment options available to coaches. We will also highlight the issue of boundary management and the issues associated with when and how to refer a coaching client to an expert provider of psychological services for an in-depth psychological assessment.

Individual and team assessment processes will be explored through case examples using Saville Consulting WAVE, Team Profile Analyzer and Team Sociomapping as illustrative examples to show how an integrated approach to assessment works in practice. We will also show you how it is possible to apply assessment at different stages of the coaching process to ensure maximum client benefit.

Pauline Willis & Dr Rainer Kurz

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