Leaders in Oxfordshire offered keys to team success

A new website just launched in December will inspire local business leaders to make a positive start to the New Year. To mark the occasion, Oxfordshire’s business leaders are being invited to take a free place at The Keys to Team Success event which focuses on team performance, well-being and organisational success. Hosted at the newly refurbished Oxford Hawkwell House hotel, this event will be the first in a series of mini-conferences throughout 2011 to share ideas and best practices on creating successful teams.

Providing business leaders and senior HR professionals with practical ideas for supporting their teams to meet the challenges ahead and showcasing the partnership model of working between internal and external consultants and coaches, these events are designed to feature both the art and science of team development.

Dr John McGurk Senior Policy Advisor for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) will present the opening address and share latest CIPD research and ideas on partnership model which is becoming increasingly popular as organisations seek to reduce consulting costs whilst at the same time ensuring access to expert external support that genuinely adds value.

Dr John McGurk commented:

“Organisations are searching for value in the current environment but value isn’t just about taking out costs. It’s also about benefitting from the best of research and practice in which being able to get extra support with a registered psychologist in Calgary is very important. Sometime that resides outside the organisation. Partnering with organisations with expertise in areas like the delivery of e- learning, team diagnostics, coaching and leadership development can help organisations get added value from pinched budgets and thus greater impact. External providers supporting internal resource is a symbiotic relationship which helps build organisational capability. That is exactly what this event is about as it blends the best of practice, research and technology on how teams deliver now and in the future.”

The keynote session provided by Professor David Lane from the Professional Development Foundation which specialises in work based learning and Dr Michael Cavanagh from the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit. David and Michael will showcase ideas for improving team performance through effective team conversations and creating positive organisational stories.

Concluding with posters, refreshments and networking, both clients and suppliers of team development services will share their stories. Leaders attending the event will benefit from practical ideas and tips for working effectively with their teams and be able to learn from each other as well as from leading academics, researchers and practitioners in the area of team development.

Invitations are being sent out to local business leaders and HR professionals this week.

The Keys to Team Success event will cost £175 plus VAT. If you would like to nominate a business leader from the Oxfordshire area to receive an invitation for a free place or to reserve your own place, early booking is recommended at www.oxfordteamdevelopment.co.uk.